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Would you like to learn the piano faster and more effectively?

Get your personal mentor

OPETA MUSIC ACADEMY is an online platform which  the aim is to give people joy in music.  Jonas Derksen (founder of OPETA) and millions of other people have  Learned the piano with free youtube videos. But he too has experienced a lot of moments in which FRUSTRATION and GIVING were capitalized. Sometimes it looks so easy in the tutorial, and in real life it's totally hard.

Over the past 2 years Derksen has developed a program that alleviates frustration and focuses on having fun playing the piano  target. His vision and  The aim is that every person in the world has the opportunity to receive musical education and his / her  discovered full potential.  Learn more

You are a talented pianist  and want to earn money with it?

Then apply here ! Become part of our team and accompany piano students as a mentor in their progress.

Online lesson layout
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The basic idea is real-time online lessons with a personal mentor. Unlike with YouTube tutorials, you can ask questions directly and solve problems immediately. With the tried and tested layout, learning success is within reach. 

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