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You would like to get Jonas Derksen's autograph or send fan mail. You can find the right address here.

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Learn more about Jonas story in his blog.

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Amazon wishlist

Jonas has a wishlist on Amazon with products, that will help him to reach the next step.


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Learn more about Jonas story in his blog.

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Experience first-class piano concerts live on TikTok. Learn more


Tips for Piano

The first stept, to learn Piano.

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Tips for piano beginners

Which piano should I get?



from 700€

Model for Beginner

+ favorable

+ wooden keys

+ good electronic sound

+ price / performance


- Basic functions

- Limited sound selection

- Playing characteristics



from 1200€

Model for Intermediate

+ sound settings (equalizer)

+ better sound quality

+ more functions

+ price/performance


- light keys / little resistance



from 1950€

Model for Intermediate+

+ super playability

+ heavy keys with resistance


- price/performance (for professionals)

- not much more FUnctions than FP-60X

Tipps für Piano Anfängr

How can I start playing the piano?

Many people Jonas met who want to learn the piano fail because of 2 questions. The first question they ask themselves is, "Can I afford a good piano teacher? You can only learn piano if you have a good teacher." The second question is, do you have to learn to read music to learn piano? 

3 things that Jonas emphasizes again and again are the following:

(1) Motivation: Why do you want to learn piano?

(2) Patience: It's the small advances that you don't see at first, but that bring you closer to your goals

(3) Practice practice practice: "Practice makes perfect!" What a boring phrase with so much truth in it. Did you know that every professional musician invests at least 10 thousand hours of music making and practicing before they reach the level of a professional musician? So in other words, if someone practiced 2 hours a day for 365 days, it would take them 13.7 years to turn pro.

Jonas has been playing the piano for 16 years now and started learning the piano with Youtube tutorials. You heard right, Jonas taught himself over 100 songs on piano for free with "How To Play..." Youtube Tutorials. There is now a new learning method on YouTube which is "synthesis" is called. With this you can learn the finger combinations of the songs (melody and rhythm) very well. In addition, there are now also very good YouTube teachers who have made it their life's work, people learn the piano onyoutube  (e.g. Thomas Forschbach from

To answer the second question, you don't need to learn how to read music to learn the piano. Sheet music is the universal language of music. There are different learner types of people and it turns out that many people are very impatient to learn a new language. The new language "read music" requires a lot of time and patience. There are different clefs and with piano there are two (1) treble clefs and (2) bass clefs. That can be frustrating. If you just got the treble clef on it, then the bass clef comes along and makes you livid. 

Playing the piano is fun once you start celebrating your first successes. That means you learn to play a new song and you can proudly show it to the people around you. Jonas was able to tame his emotions by playing the piano, transforming negative feelings such as loss, hate, sadness and frustration into feelings of hope. That is what drives him to bring people closer to playing the piano, to put broken things back together.



Fan packages to the following address:

Jonas Derksen

Postfiliale 518

Buchholzer Str. 10

30629 Hannover


Tiktok Community


New LIVE-Program

BRAND NEW: From Mon-Fri a special motto piano concert on TikTok always from 8-9:30 p.m. CET.

TikTok Geschichte von Jonas Derksen

Jonas started at the end of 2022 TikTok Live Stream  to host. With over 33k followers, he inspires several thousand people in his streams. Jonas has taught himself over the years to play unfamiliar songs directly by ear.

"It's incredibly nice to read the reactions when your favorite song suddenly becomes a very special piano experience." -Jonas

The link that you are looking for is hidden in the menu. With only 3 clicks, you will reach the goal that you trying to find.

Many describe the live stream as "Safeplace" or "Healthiest community on TikTok". It is very important to Jonas that the stream is treated with respect. Although there are sometimes more than 100 in the stream, the chat is full of loving comments.

Highlights und success stories

TOP 1: LIVEFEST Global Awards 2023 Red Carpet Event in Miami

TOP 2: Regional LIVEFEST 2023 in Barcelona

TOP 3: 5X TOP20 in whole Germany