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Music workshop

As a community, we want to work together on our goals. With this workshop, we discuss concrete topics that have been requested several times, including in the livestream.

The workshop is limited to a certain number of participants.

The next workshop starts in

Next appointment:

Sa, 18.03.23 at 2-3 p.m. (German Time)

Workshop leader: Jonas Derksen

Learn to read sheet music

level 1

for beginners

"Is learning to read music really that hard?"

Jonas shows you with a few tips and tricks how you can quickly learn to read notes in treble and bass clef.

Musik Workshop Begleitheft_Cover.png

Music workshop booklet

Download the music workshop booklet for free as PDF document.

The workshops are tailored to these topics and questions are answered with the help of the accompanying booklet.

You can look at the topics and if something is interesting and you want to learn more about it, we can discuss it as the next workshop topic.

to read music

functional theory

sense of rhythm



interval theory

harmony theory


chord gauge


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