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On the search for my soul

These are dark times. Hurt and emotionally assaulted, we recoil. There seems to be no way out. Trapped in a self-made wall, we scream for freedom. We feel alone. We seek shelter where we feel safe, secure and loved. But the imaginary wall keeps us from it. So let's gather! We meet like-minded people... spread our wings and fly. It's a journey to unknown lands. We don't know where to stay and yet there's no turning back. Everything is better than what was.

Your journey to ROUHI begins...

The film concert ROUHI is based on the album "BIRDS LEGACY" by Jonas Derksen . The 27-year-old concert pianist and composer works together with a film producer  Sinan Akdag on film production . The focus is on Jonas' journey, which he made on his motorcycle in the summer of 2021. He covered more than 11,000km on his way to Morocco. He has set this impressive journey to music in his album and he would like to share the impressions he gained in a film. While the film is playing at the concert, the musician accompanies the film live on his stage piano.

In addition, the artist Sarah Knoll is planning an art exhibition that will take place during the film concert events. Unique works based on Jonas Derksen's journey will be made, which can be purchased on site after the film concert.

The date for the PREMIERE will be announced later. In order not to miss anything, subscribe to the newsletter .


From 50€ order value in the online store free shipping within Germany 🇩🇪

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