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Jonas Derksen's first original album will be released in summer 2022. Join us on a journey full of emotions and dreams. BIRDS LEGACY is the musical representation of human diversity. Just as there are countless different birds, there are all types of different human beings. Character traits and looks may differ, but we all have basic needs in common, such as the desire to be loved, recognized and secure. We all have to go through difficult times. We are not alone. That's what this album expresses! The album is about a journey of selected bird species that stand as a metaphor for a certain characteristic. Which one do you identify with best? The booklet (included with every BIRDS LEGACY CD order) tells the true story of 4 different people who write about their hardest moments in life. No fate can be compared to that of another, but we are still connected by similar experiences that give us strength to continue.

Jonas got inspiration for this album and the projects that follow from it on his trip in the summer of 2021, during which he drove alone more than 11,000 km towards Morocco on his motorbike.

Jonas has been giving live concerts since 2020 and impresses with his emotional, minimalist sounds on the piano. He reports that some people came to him after his concerts - sometimes with tears in their eyes - and told him that his music had helped them to relieve deep pain. Since then, Jonas has placed a special focus on music that touches and transforms hearts. A statement for this is the 60-minute improvisational CD series " Herzen Berühren " which he expressly dedicated to his mother.  

This album is just the beginning! It represents the rock on which he wants to build his further projects. A film concert series is being planned with the title "ROUHI", which means something like "My Soul" in Arabic.

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