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Off to Africa - A 6000km trip through 6 countries!

Now it is exactly 1 month until I embark on the adventurous journey. What do I have in mind? I will go to Africa with my motorcycle (Honda CB 750 | 2002). The trip is about 6000km. For this I will take two suitcases and 1 tent. There I ask myself the question: What exactly do I take with me? In any case, there is not much space.


I pack my suitcase and take with me...

Yes, who doesn't know this mind-game? I have played through this more often in recent weeks before I wanted to go to sleep. What do I need for two months on a trip with a motorcycle and tent?

Platz für meine Reiseutensilien

I am confident that I will get everything I need.

On my packing list is in any case: tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, clothes (difficult subject), protective means, contact lenses, shampoo, etc.. Thus the one suitcase is already full.

To be able to share my experiences on the tour with you, I will fill the other suitcase mostly with technical equipment. My drone takes care of great aerial photos. The GoPro is responsible for my action shots.


What do my preparations look like?

The mind-game of what I take with me is probably the biggest preparation I have to do. I have roughly picked out a route with different stages (I report in a new blog post). My goal is not to plan everyday exaclty where to go, but to just let myself drift with the wind. I have not booked any hotel rooms. So I'm totally independent where I go and stay.

What I had to do in advance was to bring my motorcycle up to scratch. My motorcycle paint has been damaged by a chemical reaction, so I decided to repaint the bike.

To the question: am I ready or do I still have a queasy feeling about the trip? In any case, I am ready! However, it is exciting because I do not know what exactly awaits me. But that is exactly what I am looking for! Get out of my comfort zone and discover new things.


How do you get the idea to go on such a long trip alone with a motorcycle and a tent?

Many people I have told about the trip are skeptical and worried. Traveling alone has something scary and yet liberating. I expect to experience great places from the trip. When you travel alone and are open to meeting new people, you meet exciting personalities with incredible stories.

It's always been a dream to take a motorcycle on such a long trip. As a bachelor graduate, now is the best time. I think to myself: If not now, when? But the trip is also about my musical inspiration. As a musician, I'm searching for my identity. Many videos from the trip will be found in my YouTube videos, among others.

More blog post following

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