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Jonas Derksen

Concert Pianist

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"Nur zusammen"

Together with Johannes Wirth (German-Pop Sing & Songwriter) the project "Nur zusammen" emerged from a simple idea. Jonas sent a melody sample with a simple chord progression to Johannes. Both immediately linked this with the topic of a "feeling of belonging". The message should be something uplifting and strengthening. Johannes quickly started to write, and as a rehearsed poet the first verse was put together. Especially in difficult times, sticking together and mutual trust play an important role in life. The song was professionally mixed and produced by producer Micki Meuser (known as the producer of "Die Ärzte").

Improvised Christmas

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Christmas is associated with family and friends, good food, beautiful decorations and not to forget the Christmas music. Every year new pop songs come out that are supposed to sweeten Christmas. Well known is "Last Christmas" or "All I Want For Christmas". These songs have beautiful melodies and are just catchy tunes. For me personally, these songs with their fast rhythms and loud sounds take away the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the Christmas season. Christmas is the time when I like to go home, sit by the fireplace and watch the fire, bake cookies with friends or get inspiration on how to bring joy to my loved ones. In these moments, I wish for calm and inspiring Christmas music. That's why I started this project and tried to transform the beautiful Christmas melodies into a special piano version.

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Touching hearts

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This project is my heart project. As a teenager, I always loved improvising on the piano. After a stressful day at school, I found it extremely relaxing to strum the piano and play melodies with beautiful harmonies. Over time I got better and better at it. Today I can say that improvising on the piano has become a special passion.

I got the idea that the relaxation that I experienced through improvisation can also be shared. So I decided to do a 60 min piano improvisation recording. The first "Herzen Berühren" CD in C major was born . Shortly afterwards I have recorded another 60 min. piano improvisation. This time in F major .


My wish is that I record a "Herzen Berühren" improvisation for all 12 major keys. The next CD follows as "HERZEN BERÜHREN in Es Dur".


Jonas grew up in a family where each of the 4 children learned to play an instrument at a young age. Like many elementary school children, he first learned the recorder. As a secondary instrument he received flute lessons for several years. At the age of 13 he discovered his love for the piano. On YouTube he learned his first song "Unfaithful" by Rihanna through a "How to play" tutorial. After proudly showing this to his parents, he learned other songs based on the same principle. Family and friends were surprised that he was able to play songs on the piano quite quickly without receiving much lessons. His parents supported him in his talents, so that he received piano lessons. But only 1 year because he did not enjoy learning songs consistently from sheet music.


His passion was shown early on in "free piano playing". He just loves to improvise on the piano and compose new melodies. At the age of 12 Jonas switched to the Goethe-Gymnasium, which offered a branch of music and art. In a music class he learned to play in an orchestra. Although his first instrument was the flute, he preferred to play the piano on musical evenings. Together with a few school friends, he founded an school club to try out his compositions with various instruments such as saxophone, violin, cello and bass. For this he got the official approval of the school management and has reserved a classroom. His dream was to write a musical and to rehearse for it. The interest of the classmates was lost, however, so that this project quickly dissolved.


For him, music has always been a hobby and he could never imagine studying music. The reason was not to depend on music for his financial situation. Jonas feared that the beauty of making music would be lost if you were financially dependent on it. So he began his studies at the Technical University in Darmstadt as an industrial engineer, which he would like to complete.


In spring 2020 his enthusiasm for intensifying music came to light. Due to the corona pandemic, he sometimes practiced up to 8-10 hours a day. Many new compositions were created as a result. Jonas has started to give balcony concerts to make the neighbors happy with his music. The feedback was so immensely positive that 10 balcony concerts were held within a short time. Throughout the summer, Jonas gave more than 20 concerts at Alsbach Castle.


This year it became clear to him that music is always with him in some way, whether professionally or as a hobby.

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